My Peeps! | {NY & PA Wedding Photographer}

The past year has been unbelievable. I have been so blessed. Sometimes I feel like God is smiling down on me undeserved. There are others who pray more, need more, love more and yet I am so lucky, so loved. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about how good I have it. Because even on the worst of days, I have it very, VERY, good. All I can say is “Thanks. Thanks for giving me what I don’t deserve, but truly do appreciate.”

A year ago I was just beginning this whirlwind photography journey. Today, I am incredibly lucky to have two amazing individuals working with me. You all get to see my face, but I want to introduce you to two lovely young people who have teamed up with this crazy old bat.

Chaz Culver is my second shooter. He is a talented young photographer (and a former athlete of mine from my track coaching days). His eye for photography is wonderful and his enthusiasm for learning new things and understanding new gear is going to make me bankrupt (kidding! well, not really). He has a great perspective and is a very hard worker! Morgan Strasser is the reincarnation of my lost type-A personality. Apparently having two kids makes you lose your mind (and organizational skills) but I found it all again in Morgan. She is a wonderful office assistant, and a design whiz. She will also be assisting at weddings, making sure everything is in order so I can focus on doing what I do best – photographing the moments! I’m lucky to have them both on board!

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