A Much Needed Break…

After a VERY short break from photography to have my new son, I was back at it after only 5.5 weeks (YIKES)! Luckily I had amazing help and a super cool bride & groom. I’ve been editing their gorgeous wedding like a fiend, in between a tantruming toddler and a hungry newborn who only wants his Mama, *sigh*. It’s been a tad stressful around our house lately with many sleepless nights and nerves being on edge. So since yesterday was such a perfect day weather-wise, hubs and I decided we needed a family fun day. We unplugged (literally – no cell phones or computers) and took the boys to a local small zoo (Claws N Paws). It was EXACTLY what our family needed. Zen was enthralled with all the animals and loved the fact that he got to feed a giraffe, goats, and parrots. Maks slept the whole time. We de-stressed and reconnected with each other. It’s amazing how one little day of fun can do so much for you! So, now it’s back to work, but it’s okay. I’ve made a promise to my boys that for every hour Mama works, they get an hour of play. I think it’s a good deal (for all of us). Stay tuned soon for the awesome photos of Sarah & Tom’s wedding. They are worth the wait.

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