Baby Fever… Little Baby M

Apparently baby fever was pretty high last winter, because an unusual number of my friends either gave birth or are giving birth right about now. There are babies everywhere I look on Facebook. Many of my friends are too far away for me to dote on their little darlings, but one good friend is close by. She and I go back a few years; we coached Track and Field together. Well, I coached track, she coached field. We were a great team because we meshed perfectly in our coaching styles and the team was the strongest I’ve ever seen it when she was a part of the coaching staff. Three weeks after my new bundle arrived, her first pride and joy came into this world. Even at 8 days old, Miss M is a feisty, strong, and opinionated lady – just like her Mama. This was a special session for me. It’s great to meet new people and capture who they are through my pictures, but it’s so much more rewarding to be able to do the same for my family and friends.I can’t wait until the two “Ms” get big enough to play together. They’ll be a pair to reckon with, if they are anything at all like their Mamas.

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